HDMoviesPlus: If you want to download HD movies and MP4 movies, then first thing that comes in your mind is HD Movies Plus website name. This website have also developed an APK which is a software that you can download in your mobile phones. This website provides Punjabi Movies, Animation movies, Bollywood movies and even Cartoon Movies.

The design of this website is basically similar to many movie downloading sites. There are many category of movies and in addition to this they are also focusing on user friendly interface. You can also find a search bar where you can easily search your favorite movies. We will discuss on HDMoviesPlus Official Website in this post in detail.


HDMoviesPlus is recently trending in the list of movie download website. They are focusing on movies, web series, TV Shows and many more categories. They used to upload contents which are released outside of India. In this way, they easily try to avoid DMCA and copyright notices. If they will upload Bollywood movies or any TV Shows or Web Series which are released in India, then this website will get banned by the government authorities.

HDMoviesPlus is an Illegal torrent website which upload Movies, Web Series and TV shows. They upload Punjabi Movies, Animation, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed and Cartoon Movies. They are trying to maintain their website by not getting involved in famous Bollywood movies. If they are uploading movies and giving their users authority to download it, then they are involved in illegal activities.


HDMoviesPlus is also putting third party advertisements on their website. These ads can lead you to certain websites which can steal your information. We don’t want that you should be visiting or using this website as it is a criminal activity. Please try to use legal websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.

How to Download Movies from HDMoviesPlus?

Many people wants to watch movies for free. We are not advising you to do it but we are giving some info about HDMoviesPlus download movies. Below steps will guide you on this topic.

1. Go to the HDMoviesPlus Official Website.

You have to visit the official website of HDMoviesPlus. Please note that this website is not legal as it provides movies to download unofficially.

2. Browse or Search your favorite movies.

After landing to HDMoviesPlus site, you can easily browse it. You can also search your favorite movies in the search bar or box. You will encounter with many ads while doing it.

3. Select the quality and click on the link.

After finding your favorite movies or web series, you have to select your required quality. A link for downloading the content will be provided in some color, you have to click on it. Again, you will get some ads and after avoiding all the ads, your download will start.

HDMoviesPlus Punjabi Movies

Punjabi movies are getting very famous plus they are entertaining also. People wants to watch these movies as they love it. These movies are full of humor and comedy with some action in it. Therefore, they are in demand and people used to search it on internet and if they don’t get proper results they try to use HDMoviesPlus unblock.

Unblock is a feature to access the website if google don’t show them or if any website gets banned. You can find many website online where you can use this feature. HDMoviesPlus info is not blocked as this website is newly made but after few days or months you will not find it. Therefore, they developed an app or apk so that users can easily download or watch Punjabi movies.

HDMoviesPlus Category

You will find many category on this website. These categories are provided just for good user interface. The categories is like a menu where all the related contents regarding it can be found easily.

Bollywood Movies
Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
Cartoon Movies
Animation Movies
Punjabi Movies
Web Series and TV Shows

HDMoviesPlus Apk

HDMoviesPlus Apk or HDMoviesPlus app is not available on google play to download. Google play follows certain rules and ban these types of app as they are illegal. You can only find it on HDMoviesPlus shop.

Using these types of app is not legal as they provide free download and a hub of online movies. HDMoviesPlus.com web was banned before because it was involved in illegal activities. This website is currently working on Hollywood Hindi Dubbed movies as they do not want to get banned by the legal authorities.

HDMoviesPlus Movies and Web Series List

You can also find many popular movies and web series or TV Shows on this website. All the popular contents are provided in the table below.

MoviesWeb Series
Black AdamShe Hulk: Attorney at Law
The Gray ManHouse of the Dragon
Jurrasic World Fallen KingdomSpiderMan

HDMoviesPlus Proxy

As we already said that these type of websites gets banned by the government. But you will still find it on the internet or online as they use proxy. Proxy is a duplicate copy of the website where you can find same content and almost similar design.



Is it legal to download movies from HDMoviesPlus?

No, it is not legal to download movies from this website. They do not follow copyright act and give access to free download to it’s users.

Where can I watch free movies?

You can use YouTube or other legal websites to watch free movies. You can also watch it on your TV or in Jio TV application.

Disclaimer : This post is only for educational or informational purpose. We request our users not to use illegal torrent websites to download movies or any other contents. We strictly follow the copyright act or government rules and regulations. We are not encouraging anyone to use illegal torrent website. We are just diverting their traffic so that it can help the real creators.


We hope that you liked our post on HDMoviesPlus website. This post is only for educational purpose. We do not support any illegal activity. We are trying to help the original creators by diverting some traffic. If any creator is reading this, you can show your support by giving us some good backlinks. We will try to bring many new articles on such topics. If you still have any question in your mind, you can comment below. In the meantime, you can also visit our website and show your love and support for our work.

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