Pull Up for Precise Seeking Meaning

Pull Up for Precise Seeking Meaning : This term is now trending on YouTube. People are still searching for the exact meaning of it on Internet. Many users have shared the screenshot of Pull Up for Precise Seeking Issue on social media like Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

Users have also reported this issue to YouTube. Before understanding the exact meaning, we need to know the meaning of Pull Up for Precise Seeking Feature of YouTube. In this post, we will be providing you with all the details related to Pull Up for Precise Seeking Meaning.

Pull Up for Precise Seeking Meaning

Pull Up for Precise Seeking Meaning is an important feature of YouTube. It means that whenever you are clicking anywhere on any of the YouTube Video’s progress bar to watch, then it should precisely or exactly start playing from there.

Suppose, you have watched any YouTube video for sometime and then you started watching some other videos. You may have noticed that the video which you have watched previously, will show up to you with a Red line just below the video. The length of the Red Line determines that how long the video have been watched. That Red Line or the line which you see on the video is actually called Progress Bar.

Due to some recent updates on YouTube, this feature is not working. Therefore, many users are looking for different alternates to forward the video. This feature is not deactivated from all the accounts and it means that it is still available in YouTube. Now, we will be guiding you on How to fix Pull Up for Precise Seeking Meaning.

How to fix Pull Up for Precise Seeking Problem?

If you want to fix the Pull Up for Precise Seeking on your YouTube channel, you must follow the below steps.

1. Go to YouTube website.

You have to go to the official website of YouTube. You must login to your YouTube channel to get all the options.

2. Click on your Profile Picture.

As you want to fix the problem of your YouTube Channel, you must click on your channel profile picture.

3. Click on Settings.

You will see many options as soon as your channel page will open. You have to click on the Settings tab.

4. Click on Accessibility.

Under settings tab, you will find the option for Accessibility. You have to click on that option.

5. Toggle the Accessibility Player option as ON.

Now, the accessibility option will open. You will have to toggle the Accessibility Player option and set it as ON. Now, following all the steps properly, your problem will be fixed.

You can also set Hide Control Player settings as you want. By default, this setting is set to Never. The options available for this settings are:

  • After 3 Seconds
  • After 5 Seconds
  • After 10 Seconds
  • After 30 Seconds
  • Use Device Settings ( It uses the default device configuration )

Now, everything is sorted and you will be able to enjoy the journey of YouTube. We hope that you will find this article informative.


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